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RarGUI is a front-end for RAR written in Qt3. It is only available for Linux, since WinRAR for Windows is already available by the RAR creator. You may download and use RarGUI as you like. Source can be downloaded for those who want to make something better..

Note that RarGUI is NOT bundled with RAR executable. You have to download it from RARLAB (check links on the left).

RarGUI is tested on Mandriva and Fedora systems and works fine with RAR versions up to 3.80.

  • Handling/creation of multipart archives
  • Handling/creation of password encrypted archives
  • Handling/creation of solid archives
  • Search text in archive
  • Rename filenames in archive
  • Test/Lock/Repair/Add Recovery Record
  • Convert to/from self-extract (*.sfx)
How to install & run
How to install
  • Login as root
  • Copy RarGUI2.2-fix Bin.sfx to /
  • Run './RarGUI2.2-fix Bin.sfx' from a console
How to run
  1. Run 'rargui2' from a console
  2. Use right click to create an archive, extract from it or open it
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